Hier vind je gedichten en quotes die eerder op de website zijn gepubliceerd.

"The Earth remembered as the symbolic voice of our creators is our home, our place in creation. If we forget, we lose our home. And all of the beauty and wonder, ll the stories of human and earthly life, could slip into the void of the great unconsciousness and be remembered by no one"*

Aboriginal tribal elder DAVID MOWARLJARLI


"And while I stood there,
I saw more than I can tell,
and understood more than I saw,
for I was seeing in a sacred manner,
the shapes of all things in spirit,
and the shapes of all shapes as they must live all together as one being."



"There's another language beyond language
Another heaven beyond heaven and hell
Our hearts live by another heart
What we are shine from a placeless place".

Rumi in 'Love's Glory', by Andrew Harvey